Tuesday, July 27, 2010

StuckOnUSketches Challenge (July 23rd)

This weeks layout is another "throw together" I did after work today. Very simple, but DONE! I made this a two pager with the team photo they handed out at the Shock game.
The sketch.....

These two layouts mark the end of my layouts for our 2009 family album! And 2010 is caught up except for 1 layout (so far) Yeah!!!


  1. Yikes .. what cute pages .. for thrown together .. don't think so. Love that you put photos of yourself in your albums. So often it looks we didn't even attend the event LOL I especially like how you did the countdown for the New Year in differing sizes .. might have to steal that idea. Oh, and love the finger in the nose threat Heehee!

  2. I really like all this as well! I love how you scrap other items from events in your life and that your actually IN the pictures too! (my favorite is holding the camera out myself, for some reason I love how the photos turn out, so fun!)
    And I am totally digging on the countdown as well! Great family pix too!!!!