Saturday, May 29, 2010

Update & StuckOnUSketches Challenge (May 28th)

So, a long over due update and challenge participation. First, I have been skipping the challenges at StuckOnU, not cause I mean to, I want to but I have been busy and in a scrap funk. I really like this weeks sketch, so....

As for life, we had a great vacation at Disneyland! This is our second year in a row and are now thinking of going to Disney world next year. It will be our first DW trip, so all you Disneyworlder's that have any tips for me, let me know! I think we have had our fill or Disneyland for a little while. Here are some pics, I still need to buy the Photopass CD..

Monday, May 10, 2010

Another Busy Week...

Last week was super busy for us!

Sunday...Bloomsday of course, I don't ever remember being this SORE after a Bloomsday before! I didn't start recovering until Wednesday, of course it didn't even phase the boys, its like they just took a leisurely Sunday stroll!

Monday...Soccer practice. Why does it seem like soccer practices are longer every week?

Tuesday...A little relaxation! Made a layout while watching Lost.
Wednesday.....Went to see Nickleback! So much fun! If you like Nickleback at all, and have a chance to see them in concert, DO IT! Highly recommended. :)

Thursday...I took my mom and sister to the Melting Pot (mmmmmm) for an early mothers day dinner and then a movie (being big horror movie fans, we saw Nightmare On Elm Street)

Friday... William's 11th birthday party!

Saturday.....2 soccer games, yes 2. And our team still remains undefeated, even after playing 14 year olds (our team is 10 and 11 year olds)!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Bloomsday 2010

I honer of this being Bloomsday in our lovely little city of Spokane, I wanted to share pages of Bloomsday past. As I recover from the loooonnnggg almost 8 miles!
I attempt to model my layouts after the finisher t-shirts every year.
2008 T-shirt

2008 Layout

2009 T-shirts

2009 Layout

2010 T-shirts