Monday, May 10, 2010

Another Busy Week...

Last week was super busy for us!

Sunday...Bloomsday of course, I don't ever remember being this SORE after a Bloomsday before! I didn't start recovering until Wednesday, of course it didn't even phase the boys, its like they just took a leisurely Sunday stroll!

Monday...Soccer practice. Why does it seem like soccer practices are longer every week?

Tuesday...A little relaxation! Made a layout while watching Lost.
Wednesday.....Went to see Nickleback! So much fun! If you like Nickleback at all, and have a chance to see them in concert, DO IT! Highly recommended. :)

Thursday...I took my mom and sister to the Melting Pot (mmmmmm) for an early mothers day dinner and then a movie (being big horror movie fans, we saw Nightmare On Elm Street)

Friday... William's 11th birthday party!

Saturday.....2 soccer games, yes 2. And our team still remains undefeated, even after playing 14 year olds (our team is 10 and 11 year olds)!

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  1. You've got great layouts posted. I left you a message on your last cricut MB posting and had to come check out your other work! It's fantastic! I left you something over on my blog!