Saturday, May 29, 2010

Update & StuckOnUSketches Challenge (May 28th)

So, a long over due update and challenge participation. First, I have been skipping the challenges at StuckOnU, not cause I mean to, I want to but I have been busy and in a scrap funk. I really like this weeks sketch, so....

As for life, we had a great vacation at Disneyland! This is our second year in a row and are now thinking of going to Disney world next year. It will be our first DW trip, so all you Disneyworlder's that have any tips for me, let me know! I think we have had our fill or Disneyland for a little while. Here are some pics, I still need to buy the Photopass CD..


  1. Love what you did with the sketch, Stacy. So glad you had time to play this week. I love this sketch because it's kind of quick and has multiple photos. Glad you had fun on your trip. Now back to the daily grind ... same for me!

  2. Hey there! You know I had been thinking of you and meaning to come by (but like I can remember anything these days, LOL!) I am so glad you were able to join family and I just took an impromtu Disneyland vacation the week after Mothers Day. We had a lot of fun even though it was some work now with the 3 kids.
    You did so well w/ this sketch and your photos were too perfect for this! I am glad you had some time for us and that you are doing well...glad to hear from you!

  3. Great job on the layout and using the sketch..
    I seen this on the mb and couldn't resist leaving a comment.. :O)
    I lived in Florida for 20 years and visited DW once a year, I think the magic Kingdom parks are supposed to be similar, but Florida does have the MGM studios,Animal Kingdom and Epcot..don't know if Cali has those..
    I hope you all have a blast when you do go, we took our kids 4 years ago to the magic kingdom at DW and they seemed to have been a bit too old (being 12,13 and 17), they kept wanting something faster and scarier.. :O)