Monday, January 10, 2011


I didn't realize that I have not posted since Christmas! Well, I hope all had a great Christmas and a happy new years eve! I did actually manage to get all my 2010 layouts done, BUT I cant call the book complete until I get all the pictures printed from Christmas and attached to the page (which I continue to wait for my sister to give me copies of the pics she took, just in case they came out better than mine).

I did come up with some new goals for the new year. I toyed with the idea of 211 layouts in 2011, but that seems extreme to me, so I think I am going to try for the usual 100 goal. But I do want to complete some albums-

* Niks Book 2 (Ages 1-2)
* Nik Book 3 (Ages 3-5)
* William Baby Book (yes, he will be 12 this year)
* William Book 2 (Ages 1-2)
* Disneyland 2010

Maybe I can do it, maybe I cant. But it is nice to have a goal.

In the mean time here is a layout from our 2010 Family Album-

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  1. Aaaw, what a sweet layout.. I wish I had more photos of me and my boys.. You are so lucky!! Great goals and hope you finish them all :)